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Brief biography

As the daughter of a librarian and a lawyer, I have always appreciated the written word. I was a voracious reader as a child and I started typing my own newsletters as early as grade school.

My family is from the Midwest but I grew up a military brat (Air Force), reassigned around the world every two years (Germany, Turkey, across the US). In high school, we settled in the Washington DC area. I majored in Anthropology at Indiana University, Bloomington with two semesters of study abroad (Prague, Dublin).

As a young adult I went West. I worked in artifact curation for a historic ghost town and community development at Missoula, Montana, then in renewable energy development in Portland, Oregon. In 2015, my husband and I moved our home-based e-commerce leathercrafting business to the Oregon Coast, where I live now.

Numerous travel journeys, many moves, and training in anthropology have given me a nuanced understanding of the American experience and an internationalist perspective which is helpful in tailoring writing to different audiences.

In working together, I can relate to working styles and cultures of all kinds because my work experience has been so varied:

  • Government culture at the ghost town (BLM)

  • Nonprofit culture at the Missoula Downtown Association (501c6) and the ghost town (501c3)

  • Corporate culture in renewable energy (transitioning in 7 years from private family held —> investment bank owned -> IPO -> public company)

  • Small business bootstrapping at our family business